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Baltimore - Week 3

Travel/Photo Blog: Baltimore (Week Three: HOU@BAL)
By Andy Lopusnak,
September 21-22, 2013

OY VEY! Once again I’m doing a Houston-Baltimore game. It’s the fourth time in the last 39 NFL games covered for CBS that I’m seeing these two teams. In fact, I’ve done more Houston (31) and Baltimore (30) games with CBS than any other team. I’ve also been to those two cities more than any other place.

I’m definitely not thrilled to be in Charm City again as I’ve shot the city so many times that finding something new is pretty hard, but not impossible. The weather sucked on Saturday, but I did get to shoot some of the Maryland-West Virginia college game though. On Sunday, the weather and most importantly, the cloud coverage, was outstanding.

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With my new 2013 approach of shooting, I scouted out a new view of downtown aside from in the Inner Harbor. I drove past downtown toward John Hopkins Hospital and set up my tripod at the corner of Caroline Street and Fayette Street and got the shot you see here.

After I got the shot above, I headed around the corner and nabbed this shot of John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

I saw this monument the last time I was here, but it was only when I was leaving for the airport; so I knew I had to get it this time. I shot this Sunday morning and hope to get another snap of it when I’m here next time when there’s some clouds. This is a striking memorial that reminds me of the amazing one in Miami (CLICK HERE TO SEE). Instead of a hand grasping for freedom, the Baltimore version is a flame. Sadly, the lighting at night when I shot this is pretty poor and I need to get it next time during the day.

The Baltimore sculpture was created Maryland-native Joseph Sheppard, who did the Brooks Robinson statue (CLICK HERE TO VIEW). On Sheppard’s website, it says that “the sculpture represents the flame of death that offered the only escape from suffering for the Holocaust victims. In the flame, [Sheppard] depicts their images particular to their tragedy; old and young, male and female, starved, broken and naked. After the next generation there will be no more living eyewitnesses to the tragedy. This monument will be a grim reminder of the horror and will contribute to the prevention of any possible recurrence.”

In the past, I’ve only shot the Inner Harbor for reflections of downtown. I will always do this, but this time I focused on the views from the shops of the Inner Harbor and also got more shots of the U.S.S. Constellation, the 1854 sloop-of-warship. One day, I’m going to go inside and get photos of this vessel.

Docked in the Inner Harbor this past weekend was the USCGC Eagle, which is the only active steel hulled sailing vessel in US military service. It was commissioned on September 20, 1936 as the Horst Wessel in the Nazi Fleet. Ten years, it was transferred to the United States. Just 67 years and two days after its first commission, I visited it in Baltimore.

I knew Maryland had a game this weekend, but didn’t realize it was at the Ravens stadium until I got into town. So, I headed to the trucks and got a sideline pass for the game and shot the first quarter and part of the second before the downpour. I also set up three cameras for time lapses, but needed to leave at halftime to be at the CBS production meeting.

The Terps jumped to a 30-0 halftime lead thanks to cornerback A.J. Hendy having a pick six and two fumble recoveries. It was the Mountaineers’ first shutout since 2001 and had just 175 total yards of offense. Hendy’s first two takeaways led to the game’s first two scores. The first a six-yard deflected passing score from C.J. Brown to tight end Dave Stinebaugh. Just two plays later, Hendy intercepted Ford Childress and returned it 28 yards for a touchdown.

Maryland used hand-painted helmets for the game. These are simply awesome. It is the first time that any team has used hand-painted helmets. Each helmet features the four quadrants of the Maryland flag in motion and are individually numbered 1-200. Under Armour calls the helmets and the custom uniforms used for this game as "Maryland Pride 2.0."

Houston jumped out to a 6-0 lead on two red-zone field goals. In the final 34:11 of the game, the Ravens outscored the Texans 30-3 thanks to two return touchdowns within 1:54 (37-yard interception return and 82-yard punt return).

This game featured the two teams that I’ve covered for CBS the most. It was my 31st Texans game and 30th Ravens game, additionally it is the 15th time I’ve done a Baltimore home game (16 if you include an Army-Navy game I did). The 15 is the most of any home team I’ve covered for CBS. The Ravens are 11-4 in those games. It the 17th time I’ve covered the Texans on the road and Houston is just 2-15 in those games.

I did six different time lapses (three for each game). For the Maryland game, I only had the cameras out for the first half since I needed to leave to be at the CBS production meeting. So, I combined the three time lapses into one. I had the GoPro Hero 2 in the corner, the Hero 3 in the broadcast booth and the Canon 40D in the high end zone.

For the Texans-Ravens game, I put the Hero 2 and Canon 40D in the same place, but moved the Hero 3 from the CBS broadcast booth location to one level up where the TV cameras were located. This time, the Hero 3’s battery was better (three hours, four minutes – 1,106 shots), but still fall way short of the old Hero 2 (five hours, nine minutes – 1,857 shots). I uploaded these three separately as well as combined like the one above, which you can view below. I’ve also spliced in my other M&T Bank Stadium time lapses into it. I think it looks good.  

Previous, I did two different M&T Bank Stadium time lapses. Click for the previous ones: HIGH SIDELINE and ON THE FIELD.

UP NEXT: NY Jets at Tennessee
Thus far this is the game I’ve circled and am most excited to shoot. I haven’t been to Nashville since 2007 and need L.P. Field as a time-lapse venue. Once I get L.P. Field, then I’ll need six other NFL stadiums to have a time lapse in every NFL venue. These other six are: Carolina, Cleveland, Jacksonville, New England, San Diego and Tampa Bay.

Here’s my favorite shots from this past weekend.

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