Friday, December 28, 2012

Photo/Travel Blog: Tennessee at Green Bay

Photo/Travel Blog: Tennessee at Green Bay
By Andy Lopusnak,
December 22-23, 2012

In my first 12 seasons with CBS Sports I had been to Green Bay just once. Now in the past nine weeks, I’ve been to the Frozen Tundra twice.

Last time I was here, I took lots of shots of GB, the Packers Hall of Fame and of course Lambeau Field. This time, I had a nightmare getting to Green Bay and didn’t even take out my camera until right before pregame. So that meant no new and exciting shots of Green Bay (like there are any to be taken).  

Getting to tiny Green Bay the weekend before Christmas was tough. My only Delta option when I submitted travel was a direct from SFO to Minneapolis then drive at least four hours. However, when it was booked it was for game day and not the day before so then there was no Delta option and I was stuck with a 6:00 AM SFO flight to Chicago and connect to Green Bay via United. Flying into Chicago in winter is never a good idea and of course my initial flight was delayed enough so that I missed my connection and then had to drive three and a half hours to Green Bay. There’s nothing like 14 hours of travel…waking up before the sun rose and getting to my destination after it set.

It was a blowout from the beginning. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers accounted for four touchdowns (three passing, one rushing) and 342 passing yards. The Packers led 55-0 until the Titans scored with 1:39 left.

Rodgers got the scoring started with a six-yard rushing touchdown. Less than two and a half minutes later, Rodgers connected with the league’s all-purpose yardage leader Randall Cobb on a 20-yard TD strike. The Packers led 20-0 at halftime, then scored TDs on its first five second half possessions.
Green Bay had just five rushing scores in its first 14 games and had four in this game.

In pregame, I snapped a shot of the Matthews football family on the field. In the image below from left to right – Hall of Fame OL & current Tennessee Titans OL coach Bruce with his son and Titans center Kevin. Next to Kevin is Clay III, who is the All-pro Packers linebacker and his father Clay, Jr., who played 19 NFL seasons with Cleveland and Atlanta. Bruce and Clay, Jr. are brothers.

When I was here last time, I wanted to get a picture of Charles Woodson, the 1997 Heisman Trophy winner, to add to my Heisman collection. He didn’t play that game or this one, but I did manage to snap a shot of him this time in pregame. Woodson became my 17th former Heisman winner. Click here to see my collection.

Last time here, I got two time lapses. One in the high end zone and the other at the 50-yard line. This time, I set up the GoPro Hero 2 in the low corner next to the CBS Sports “beauty camera.” With the weather below zero, I opted for the GoPro in case the 40D froze – it’s a rugged body but you never know). If this was one of the seven cities I haven’t done a time lapse for, then I’d risk it for sure. For this time lapse, it was set with ten-second intervals for a total of 1,172 images. I guess the cold weather affected the GoPro as it only lasted three hours and 15 minutes. It stopped with 1:54 left in the first half.

Since the inception of flex scheduling, we don’t know where we’re going until either Sunday night during the NBC broadcast or Monday. This year, we got the Houston at Indianapolis game. It will be my first trip back to Indy since 2010. Click here to see my Indianapolis photo gallery.

There wasn’t much new in terms of photos, so here’s the best of this past weekend. 

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